Principali destinazioni
Per ordini effettuati entro le 15:00 ora italiana è prevista la consegna in giornata. La prima data di consegna disponibile è: 20/03/2019.
Rose a tua scelta
Loving Greetings
Thanks for everything, Mom
Birthday Surprise
The Space Between Us
Für immer
Einfach rote Rosen
Dear surprise
Fire of love
So verliebt
Thanks a lot
Many thanks
Exotic wonder
Flower gold
Morning breeze
Just Saying Thank You
It's a boy
White Roses
Thank you for your love
Art de fleurs
Thank you
Gute Besserung
So Sorry
For her
Love and kisses
Die besten Wuensche
Green Time
Only for you
All the Best for Your Birthday
You are my Sunshine
Double happiness
Herzliches Beileid
Bleeding Heart
In liebevoller Erinnerung
In deep compassion
It's a girl
Baby ist da!
The Fleurop-Heart
Eternally in our hearts
In eternal love
consolatory reminder
unforgettable moments
Birthday surprise
My Great Love
Love Of My Life
Corona funebre con nastro
Per sempre nel cuore
Sincere condoglianze
un ultimo saluto
Florist's choice of the day
Sunny birthday wishes
Thank you for my first bycicle
The hearty one
Good mood bouquet
rose delivery
Alp meadow
Birthday Celebration
In silent mourning
From my heart
Pure joy
Best of Luck
Light and airy
Moment of happiness
The Vow
Thank you, dear Mom!
Weil ich Dich brauche
Weil Dir mein Herz gehört
Just for You
Romeo and Juliet
Only You
The friendly one
The Gentle
The Unique
The lion mother
All the Best
White Orchid
Happy Feelings
In Thoughts of You
The love of my life
Je t'aime
You are my everything
Ti amo - I love you
For my Sweetheart
Sweet Love
You fulfill me
I love You
1000 Kisses
Thinking of You
For my big love
Cute like candy
You are my angel
For my love
Love letter
For my sunshine
1000 butterflies
P.S. I love you
Ever After
12 rose gambo lungo
12 rose gambo medio
12 rose gambo corto
Single Plant
Composizione di fiori recisi
Composizione di piante
Bouquet of Seasonal Cut Flowers
Palma funebre
Palma funebre con nastro
Mazzo funebre
Mazzo funebre con nastro
Mazzo a mano legata
Corona funebre
Mixed Cut Flowers
Wreath with Ribbon