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Remembering a loved one
Lilies and Gerberas
Dear memory
Mixed flowers
We miss you
White reflexes
funeral wreaths
Funeral spray
Cuscino rosa
Funeral cross
Funeral Arrangement
Last farewell
Roses and lilies
Floral cross
white roses
Orange Flowers
Cuscino di orchidee
Delicato addio
Autentico Addio
White Lilium
Wreath with gerberas
Roses and flowers
Funeral wreath
Funeral Cushion with roses
Funeral wreath of Anthurium
Sincero addio
Wreath of pink flowers
Funeral cushion
Laurel crown
Raffinato pensiero
Elegante Addio
Intenso addio
Crown with Anthurium
Funeral Crown
Pillow with orchids
Cushion of gerberas
Pillow White Funeral
Cuscino giallo